Yes Studio

Yes is an art direction studio based in London, England. This studio’s website opens with canvas animations that are followed by a sleek fullscreen layout of their work.


ROLU is an art and design studio based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. OMMU is an art and design bookstore/distributor based in Athens, Greece. This website features a drag and drop interface coupled with an ambient sound.

The Public School for Architecture Brussels

The Public School for Architecture Brussels is a school with no curriculum. A framework that redistributes the authority between teacher and student, expert and public. This website features an all text website that gives you the impression of perspective. Try to scroll to the end.

Lawler Ballard Van Durand

Lawler Ballard Van Durand is a studio based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their website is a reaction to the common design studio aesthetic.  Featuring a cool brutalist look with stock photos and large text.

Josh Schaub

Josh Schaub is a graphic designer based in Switzerland. His website features a colorful grid with different scroll speeds. A nice solution to the static nature of grid portfolios.