Nis is a Korean website that features a glitchy interface and navigation through keyboard commands.


Thek is a multilocal space for arts and design, communication and interaction. The viewer is placed in a 3D interactive space which allows one to see the venue.

Hey Joe

Hey Joe is a small, seoul–based graphic design studio founded in 2010 by Hyoun Youl Joe. This website organizes its work in a quite drop down menu.


ROLU is an art and design studio based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. OMMU is an art and design bookstore/distributor based in Athens, Greece. This website features a drag and drop interface coupled with an ambient sound.

Brock Kenzler

Brock Kenzler is a digital designer based in Australia. His website pays homage to the Mac OS user-interface with the drop down navigation that reveals his playful side projects.


Aku is a design studio based in Tallinn, Estonia. Their website features single column navigation that reveals a parallaxed interpretation of the projects.